Alphabetical Listing of Burns Controls Co. Vendors

Accutech USA (Ball screws, linear guideway, mono stage)

ACE American Control Electronics (AC/DC Motor controls, Brushless controls, Actuator controls)

Adalet (explosion proof, electrical enclosures)


Advanced Illumination (LED Lights for Machine Vision)

Advantech (industrial & embedded computer, industrial automation, industrial IO)

Air-Vac Pumps (Air-Operated Pumps Single & Multi-Stage, Straight thru Vacuum Passage, Stainless Steel)

Akribis Systems (Linear Servo Motors, Direct Drive Rotary Motors, Voice Coil Motors, Stages & Systems)

Aladco (air-piloted check valves, grip clamps, roller-cam clamps)

Alkon Products (fittings, valves, flow controls)

American Cylinder Co. (pneumatic cylinders, flow control valves)

AmeriMation (No-Metallic Enclosures, Hinge & Latch, Screw Bolt Type Plastic Enclosures)

Ameritool (stainless steel gas dampers, gas springs)

AMP Applied Motion Products (stepper servo products, servo, brushless DC products)

ANDCO – Dresser Division | Catalog | (RCS Actuators)

ANDCO (Electrical Linear Actuators for Motion)

ANTAIRA (Unmanaged and Managed Ethernet Switches, Industrial Wireless Solutions)

APG Sensors (level sensors, pressure transducers)

Argo-Hytos (hydraulic filters, return & return-suction filters, pressure filters)

Asco Numatics (solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, cylinders, actuators)

Asyril (flexible feeding systems)

Aurora Cylinders (hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders)

Autonics USA (control switches, sensors, controllers, motion devices)

Autorotor (indexing tables, rotary rings, mechanical units for automation)

Aventics Numatics (pneumatic directional control valves, cylinders, grippers, filters, regulators)

B-D Cylinder Products (Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder Mounts)

Baldor (Electric motors)

Balluff (sensors, linear transducers)

Bimed (cable glands and accessories)

Bishop-Wisecarver Group (QuickTrack Modular Linear Guides)

Bison Gear & Engineering (AC/DC motors, parallel shaft gearmotors, integral horsepower reducers)

Bodine Electric Co. (AC/DC motors, controls, accessories)

Bonomi North America (ball valves, butterfly valves, air & electric actuators)

Bourdon (pressure gauges, thermometers, Bourdon tube)

Burkert (process valves & controls for gases/liquids)

Cajo Technologies (custom laser marking machines)

Canfield Connectors (solenoid connectors, linear actuator sensors, switches, controls)

CBI (circuit breakers)

Carson Manufacturing (planetary gear heads)

CGI Inc. (gearboxes, gears, custom gearboxes)

Compact Automation (hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders, linear actuators)

Continental ContiTech (Numatics Air Bags)

Cool Muscle (integrated or fully closed loop servo systems)

Define Instruments (Temperature, process, load cell & flow-rate measurement)

Del-Tron Precision (precision linear slides)

Diequa Corp. (gear boxes, gear motors, speed reducers, power transmissions)

Eisele Connectors (connection components for air, gases & liquids)

EIKO (LED lighting, lamps & fixtures)

EDrive Actuators (Electric Heavy-Duty Ball Screw Linear Actuators)

ELM (FieldSight Industrial IoT [Internet of Things])

Elodrive USA ( electrical actuators for valves & dampers)

Elobau (sensor technology, level measurement, proximity switches, joysticks)

Enfield Technologies (servo pneumatic proportional control systems)

Enidine (vibration isolators, energy & shock absorbers)

Ensto (Enclosures & Electrical Components)

Euchner USA (machine safeguarding, safety & interlock switches, RFID, pendant stations)

Exlar (electric linear and rotary solutions)

EXOR America (Manufacturing solutions in HMI, control and Industrial IoT)

Fabco Cylinders (cylinders, grippers, sensors, valves)

Fortress Interlocks (safety interlock systems for machine guarding applications)

FrameWorld (structural aluminum extrusions and components)

Freelin Wade (polyethylene, vinyl and polyurethane tubing and hoses)

GAM (gear reducers, servo couplings, linear mounting kits)

GSM America Inc. (Fully Assembled Guarding Systems & Components)

Hansford Sensors (Vibration Sensors)

Häwa/Haewa (electronic and electrical enclosures)

Helix Linear (lead screws, linear actuators, linear motion products)

Heraeus Noblelight America LLC (Infrared Process Technology)

Husky Wire & Rack (Pallet rack, machine guarding wire partitions)

IAI America (electrical linear actuators, motion controls systems)

IDEC (Electrical Automation and Control Products)

Idem Safety Switches USA (safety switches, rope switches)

International Fluid Power of America (Hydraulic vane pumps, piston pumps, directional & flow controls, pressure switches)

Intorq (spring applied DC brakes)

IPolymer Solutions (high-purity flow control & actuator products)

KEB (servo drives, electromagnetic clutches, control technology, heat sinks)

Klemsan (Terminal blocks, wiring duct, terminal ends)

Kyntronics (Electronic & Hydraulic Linear & Rotary Actuators)

Lintech (mechanical positioning components & systems, precision shafting, linear bearings, slides)

Legris (push-to-connect fittings for liquid, gas and food processing, tubing and hoses for industrial applications)

Leuze (light curtains, optoelectronic sensors, bar code readers)

LSIS (VFD, contractors)

Lutze (cable assemblies, power supply assemblies)

M&M Intl / Rotork Instruments (fluid solenoid valves, piston operated valves)

Macron Dynamics, Inc. (linear robotics, belt- & screw-driven actuators)

Marsh Bellofram (Rolling Diaphragm Air Cyliders-Precision Regulators)

Master Pneumatics (filters, regulators, lubricators)

Max-Air Technology (Pneumatic Rotary & Electric Actuators & Accessories & Butterfly Valves)

Maytec Inc. (clean room systems, belt conveyors, protective barriers)

Mead (pneumatic control valves, cylinders, air presses)

Micronics (Clamp-on non-invasive ultrasonic meters, Doppler flow meters, BTU meters)

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Co. (programmable logic controllers, operator interfaces, AC servo motors & amplifiers, AC variable frequency drives)

Moujen Electric (mechanical limit sensors)

Motortronics (solid state AC motor controls, soft starters)

Murr Elektronik (micro relay modules, power supplies, connector systems for actuators & sensors)

Murrplastik (cable drag chains, flexible conduit & fittings, cable carriers)

Nachi (hydraulic valves, pumps, motors)

Nason (switches, air cylinders, transducers)

Neugart USA  (precision gear heads, planetary gearboxes)

Nexen Group Inc. (linear motion control products)

Niasa-ITT (linear actuators & tables, screw jacks, screw supports, bevel gearboxes)

Nidec-Valeo (DC Motors, Geared DC Motors, Actuators, Smart Actuators with Integrated Controllers)

NK Technologies (current sensors, transducers, current indicators, transformers)

Noshok (pressure/level/temperature/force measurement instruments, valve transducers, transmitters, gauges)

Novakon Technology Inc., Ltd. (HMIs, graphic operator terminals)

Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America (AC gear motors, electronic components, automation controls)

Panduit (Electrical & Network Cables, Connectivity, Wire Management)

Parker-Origa (rodless air cylinders, electric actuators & Drives, pneumatic directional valves, aluminum roller guides)

Patlite (stack lights for automation)

Peninsular (hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders)

Pisco (tube fittings, controllers, switching devices, vacuum devices)

Pizzato USA, Inc. (Industrial Control and Safety Devices)

Posital Fraba (Industrial Position and motion sensors)

Precision Instrument Co. (gauges, needle valves, thermowells, thermometers)

Quarter Turn Valve (ball valves, piston seat valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves, electric & pneumatic valve operators)

RCS (Rotary actuators for process valves)

RFID Inc. (RFID readers and tags)

Robotunits (extrusion technology, safety fence systems, accessories, belt conveyor systems, fastening technology)

Rollon Corp. (linear bearing, slides, electrical actuators)

Ross Controls (safety pneumatic products, air preparation products, flow control-, quick exhaust-, shuttle- & check-valves)

SAB Cable North America (flexible cables, wires, custom cables, temperature measurement tools, harnesses)

Schmalz (vacuum components, grippers, clamping solutions)

Shimpo (precision instrumentation, force gauges, tachometer, cap torque testers)

Schunk (gripping systems, clamping technology)

Schaffner EMC Inc. (EMC & EMI filters & chokes)

Sealcon (strain relief, connectors, cable glands, conduit, enclosures, accessories)

Servotronix (servo motors, amps, systems)

Setra (Pressure transducers, transmitters & Industrial Sensors)

Shamrock Controls (push buttons, pilot lights, contractors, overload relays, motor starters, air circuit breakers, fuses, switch disconnectors)

SMAC-MCA (programmable electric actuators)

Socomec (Fusible & Non-Fusible Disconnects, Circuit Breakers)

Solberg (Vacuum Pumps Filters)

Spectrum Illumination (machine vision lighting)

Swivellink (Component Mounts, Conveyors, Accessories)

Sunx-Panasonic (fiber optic sensors, laser sensors, pressure and flow sensors)

Stern Engineering (Piezoelectric technology-based switches, keypads & keyboards)

Techtop Electrical Motors (low voltage motors, definite purpose, general purpose, farm duty)

Tectrolusa (Wellhead chokes, Choke Manifold, Line Heaters, etc.)

Texsteam Pumps (Offer a broad range of pneumatic, electric, and solar powered pump solutions.

TopWorx/GO Switch (controllers, valves, wireless position monitors, position sensors)

Tolomatic (electric actuators, controls, pneumatic cylinders, slides)

Toyo Automation (Electro-mechanical actuators)

Trio Motion Technology (high performance motion control technology, software, interfaces)

Turn-Act (pneumatic cylinders, rotary actuators, slides, thrusters)

Walther Electric (mechanical interlock devices, manual disconnect switches, power distribution systems)

WEG Electric Corp. (Low Voltage Electrical Components)

Werma (signal towers, optical & audible signal devices)

Wika Instrument (pressure & temperature gauges, measurement devices)

WorldWide Electric Corp. (electric motors, soft starts, variable frequency drives)